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Breakthrough Power is the result of the authors' 25 years of travels through a fascinating international scene. Some call it the free energy underground, or New Energy research. In the 1980s co-author Jeane Manning began interviewing inventors, inventions and scientists who want to save the world by offering clean energy abundance. To her dismay, she found that many stories of suppression of energy breakthroughs are true. In the 1990s she accepted the challenge of putting new-energy issues into plain language in books full of compelling, true stories.

Co-author Joel Garbon met Jeane through his work on a grassroots campaign, the New Energy Movement. Joel was the driving force behind organizing a successful New Energy Movement 2004 conference in Portland, with the theme "The Courage to Change." Jeane later co-founded New Energy Movement Canada.

The two authors share a common-sense view: "I want my children, grandchildren, and all of Earth's offspring to breathe clean air, on a rejuvenated planet."

In recent years Jeane has been writing a new book as followup to her 1996 book The Coming Energy Revolution: The Search for Free Energy. In 2007 after watching one of his public speeches she asked Joel to join the effort, and the result is Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World. Its fresh approach to solving humankind's problems is very timely.

Will you join us in sharing the vision, the hope and the reality of new energy for a new world?

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"The book is a fantastic read. Even after 30 years of energy research, as I read this book I am constantly find things I am unaware of that keeps me inspired to turn one page after another.

This is a rare book that offers the layman an opportunity to understand and embrace cutting edge energy innovations.

If change is truly desired by all, this book expresses how the release of an advanced energy technology offers the largest potential to free mankind and enrich the quality of the lives of everyone on the planet. It's an idea whose time has come.

The release of an advanced form of energy on the planet is like removing the cork from a bottle of the world's best wine. The struggle is well worth the effort for at that precious moment our bodies are freed from all toil and tyranny as we taste something far more grand than words can describe...for we have just entered the Age of Splendor.


Terry Sisson

New Energy Researcher

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