Welcome to the site for Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World is the reader-friendly book for introducing revolutionary energy systems, Tesla devices and other ways to get nearly-free clean energy - and what it means for people.

Scientists interviewed for Breakthrough Power describe a rich variety of inventions that the public usually doesn't hear about - inventions that can replace coal and other polluting fuels and revive the economy and help humanitarian projects.

When the human family realizes that oil wars and polluting nuclear power plants are unnecessary, vast sums of money can be freed for planetary cleanup, social justice and local prosperity.

Perfect for gift-giving, this book provides hope for the future -- along with realistic reasons why we, the people, must help "free the energy revolution."

With compelling stories of brave innovators and their breakthroughs, it makes the case for open-sourcing clean-energy inventions. The book explains how even "non-techies" can envision and help manifest a higher civilization assisted by energy abundance.

Manning is the author of the internationally recognized book The Coming Energy Revolution (1996). Garbon, a science consultant to industry, is president of the New Energy Movement. Breakthrough Power is a profound gift for people of all ages who want a more harmonious world.


"Should become the flagship public education tool for the movement"

"a great primer for newcomers to the field, it can help the well-seasoned veteran round out his knowledge"

"It's not just educational, but it is a call to action to galvanize the public into awareness of these breakthrough technologies and to instill in them a cry to bring down the barriers that have hitherto kept these game-changing technologies from making it to market."

Sterling Allan

Pres., New Energy Congress

- November 18, 2008

To free the energy, the public needs to know about new clean, safe power sources.

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"...this book shows what viable solutions exist, and how we can all advocate them in our own circumstances.

"The information is fresh and mostly non-technical."

"It is 'Everything you always wanted to know about how to live on Planet Earth without destroying it, but didn't know who to ask.'"

James A. Robey

Founder, Water Fuel Museum

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"The New Energy Congress officially recommends that Breakthrough Power become the flagship public education tool for the movement.

(Based on a month-long vote.)

"Here is a book to both round out your own understanding of game-changing energy technologies as well as to pass out to your family and friends to get them excited about the possibilities and to inspire them to get involved in helping to remove the barriers which have stood in the way of these things coming forward." - Sterling Allan

WINNER OF Independent Publisher Award: Silver Medal for "Most Likely to Save the Planet"

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